Monday 30 January 2023

Eynsham Village


Here are a few photos from the Village of Eynsham where I visited a church last week 

This is the  Bartholomew Room which was built as charity school in 1703 The lower part was most likely a market premises but walled up in the 19th century and had various uses from being a gaol to fires station

The market squar

War memorial and plaque on the Bartholomew Room

 Church Street

Saturday 28 January 2023

St Giles Bletchindon Pt2


This week the Church Explorer takes you back to St Giles Bletchindon for a look around the inside of the church, something I could not do on my first visit

Thursday 26 January 2023

Cloudy Sunrise


These were the last photos I took of the sunrise in 2022 just before Christmas

A glimmer of the sunrise on the horizon

An hour later the sky had clouds with hints of blue

 Looking towards the sunrise clouds gathered 

Happy Skywatch

The Feeder


A few photos from my wildlife camera showing blue tits feeding and a sparrow



Tuesday 24 January 2023

Night Life


I was given a wildlife camera for Christmas, I set it up to see what was creeping around at night and found a mouse helping itself to bird food.

What's in here
Climb in 
After moving it to a shelf  the little fellow soon found the goodies
and climbed in again
I wondered what set the camera off at the bird feeders and noticed a cat in the background
A few hours later a blue tit made an early start. I will show some of the birds on the feeders next time

Monday 23 January 2023

Frosty Plants

 It has been cold for the last few days and will be for a few more yet, I went out in the garden and took a few photos around of the frost on the plants, this is a collage I made of it.

Take Care

Saturday 21 January 2023

St Giles Bletchingdon


This week the church Explorer visits St Giles Bletchingdon which was a nice looking church and churchyard but locked on the occasion of my visit. Turns out the village had an area power cut so the church was forgotten about that day

The Fort


You might have noticed this in the distance in one of my photos from Tuesday it's the fort at the entrance to Paphos harbour in Cyprus. We did visit  and it is a medieval castle but I did not take any photos inside for some reason. It was one one the more interesting parts of the town we visited. I'll show the good part on Tuesday

 Have a good weekend

Thursday 19 January 2023

Cold Sunrise


 As we got near to Christmas 2022 there was a cold spell where the temperatures got down to -12 in our garden. On one of those days we woke up to snow on the ground and cold looking dawn

The greenhouse was covered in frost the plants frozen

The sky had a hint of colour

The sun was rising and banishing the night

In the close next door no lights were on but the day had begun

Happy Skywatch


Bird Feeder


Winter is here and the leaves have fallen form the trees and we await spring the birds need feeding so we feed them on feeders around the garden, mind you it's hard to reach the white one so the smaller on on the left is used.

 Yesterday the Oak Heart you saw was a key ring I made for my wife using some old oak worktop I had left. I just make for enjoyment, for my wife and she has them on her handbags. The Bird Feeder and Bird House you see were made in my shed at the bottom of the garden. I make them as garden art and they are useful, hopefully the birds will nest in them

Take Care

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Cyprus 1983


Back in 1983 my wife & I went on Honeymoon to Paphos in Cyprus, not my first choice (I wanted to go to the Canary Isles) but I let my wife choose. We both wished we had never gone to Cyprus after. I took a few photos while I was there and here is a few of the town. I doubt it looks like this now.

This is one of the hotels nearby

If you carried on along the road on the right you would have come to our hotel

The seafront

Paphos Tavern, very busy here

And this place was positively buzzing, you can see why we wished we never went there.

This is Paphos as it was then. I will show what was behind me next week. 

The main reason we never went back when it was nicer was because we were picked up by a local farmer who gave use a lift back to town and asked us back for a drink, we said we could not go because were did not have long left there but the guy kept hanging around begging us to go back with him we just hid of kept out the way. On our last night we saw him drive past where were were eating looking for us, we ducked down out the way and went straight back to the hotel after keeping an eye out for him. We knew he wanted to see us some tat so no way were we going with him. We got away safely but the who experience put us off, the place and hotel has changed a lot since then but it was never a place we wanted to return to.

Take Care.

Monday 16 January 2023

Polar Express


Last year the Cholsey & Wallingford railway ran the polar express at Christmas. I did wonder if they would this year, they did though the train this year it was smaller and it looked like they added a couple of extras to a train they would run during the year.

 Joining with MosaicMonday

Saturday 14 January 2023

The Church Explorer Reivew Pt2


This week the church Explorer shows the second part of his review of 2022  The collage shows a few of the ones I visited in 2022.

A View from the Hill


I'm going to leave you all guessing with this one if you live in the UK you might recognise where it is. My dad took it back in the 1970's on a slide photo. I might add I will add where it is later but this is for a friend of mine in Canada to try and work out.

 My friend did spot where it was no problem not only that my fellow blogger William from Ottawa had it more or less though It's not Watership Down. The small hiss is Dragon hill and the person stood in the chalk is standing on the White Horse from White Horse Hill. The View is of the Vale of the White Horse and the Village is Uffington

Thursday 12 January 2023

Snowy Sunrise


In the middle of December last year we had snow making for a cold couple of weeks here in the UK, one morning I looked out as we were getting up and saw a beautiful sunrise 

These were all taken from the bedroom window

You could see the air was cold

A plane comes into view

Looking over the close next door no lights are on but the sun getting up

Happy Skywatch

Cottage in the Snow


 It is called Red Cow Cottage and faces the old road that ran along in front of the place. It's thought to have been a Ale House rather than a public house. Now it is privately owned the old road gone and the back faces the main road now. The photo was taken around the early eighty's from the back of the house I owned at the time. This view is no more as a housing estate now occupies this land, the cottage is still there.