Saturday, 18 May 2019

St Mary Fawley

This week the church explorer takes you to St Mary Fawley a Victorian church in Berkshire

Friday, 17 May 2019

Tokyo Sky

One on of our weekends off from work in Tokyo we went off looking for Tokyo Tower and after taking the underground and walking a bit we found what we were looking for

 Tokyo Tower
 Now you could go to the second observation platform but as it was windy that day we only got to the first one you see in the photo
 At least we did get to see out of the windows and look at the city
 So here are the photos I took of Tokyo, remember I took them with 35mm film
If I'd had my digital camera I would have gone mad with it. These were taken back in the 1990's so no doubt looks different no. I'll show more of my photo's from Japan another time
Happy Skywatch 

Monday, 13 May 2019

Tokyo at Night

You may have noticed |I have posted pictures from different parts of the world I have visited. I'm still going through my photos trying to find the places I have been that would be of interest. One of my Favourite placed I went to was Japan and while there on one of my visits we stayed in Tokyo in Roppongi right in the centre of the city. We went out for meals at at various restaurant's and one time I took my camera to get some photos of what it was like at night. You will have to forgive me as this was back in the 1990's and I have not got a clue as to where the places are in the city.

 Even at night the streets are busy with people and traffic
 There were shops open and people everywhere
 Don't ask me why but I was drawn to this sign for Konica, I did uses there film but preferred Fuji
 Another shot looking at all the lights, you might noticed on the right is a huge LCD screen
Last this one of the Gorilla on the Hard Rock Cafe where we went to one night
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Sheep in a Sty

Sunday, 12 May 2019

St Gregory Welford

This week the Church Explorer takes you a bit further along the road from East Shefford to Welford and St Gregory's church the only other church in Berkshire that has a round tower, the church dates back to the 13th century but was extensively restored by the Victorians

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Sunset on the bank

Couple of weeks ago we went out for an Evening  walk and took a few moment to look at the Sunset

 Turning around you could see the sun shining on Fforest Wood
Happy Skywatch

Monday, 6 May 2019

Llandrindod Wells

Llandrindod Wells is an old spa town in Wales. As it has a supermarket it tends to be where I go shopping when we are in Wales and need food, I don't offten get a chance to go into the twon but I wanted to get a few photos of some memorial seats in the park. So I walked off up town and took photos of some of the interesting part sof the town.

Walking up from the  supermarket you pass High Street

It has some nice looking buildings along it

At the top of the road is a road junction where you look down Park Cresent, at least that is what the rusty sign tells you
 The statue here is of Thomas Jones a Welsh artist who lived locally

The hotel above is called the  Metropole Hotel & Spa, when we drive past we often see people having afternoon tea on the veranda, I have often wanted to take my wife there for tea but having a dog tends to curtail that.
Right the hotel is called the Glen Usk Hotel

Heading back I took this photo of this building  a building I quite admire because of the balcony and it looks so well kept, pity the shops are empty

The station is quite unique in that it still has a signal box, very few stations have them now

The station building still have the glass topped canopy on them dating back to when it was built by the Victorians 

The one other opposite side does not have one now but it does have a unique feature
This Victorian Post box,  The thing that struck me was the canopy protecting it. When I looked at the photo I noticed the post box was made of wood. It is one of only eight left in the country, seven are in Museums and this one is the only one still in use.
Hop eyou enjoyed my little tour around Llandrindod Wells
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Saturday, 4 May 2019

St Thomas East Shefford

This week the Church Explorer goes a mile down the road from Great Shefford to visit the Redundant church of St Thomas in East Shefford. The church dates back to the late 11th century 

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Oxford Skyline

Couple of weeks ago I was up at the John Ratcliffe Hospital which is not my favourite place but at least the view from the top floor on a good day is worth looking at. So as the camera was in my pocket I took a few photos over towards Oxford

 Here we look over New Marston towards Oxford, the hills in the distance are Wytham woods

 Looking in the Elsfield direction

 In the distance is the city centre where the university's are, lot of work going on there at the moment looking at the cranes you can see

Last one, the road is quite empty considering, most of the time it is chock a block with traffic and people tiring to get in the carpark. 
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Monday, 29 April 2019

Part of the Path

This week I will take you down another part of the Thames Path. It's a part I have never been along even though I live not far away. This part starts at Moulsford and I will show you part of it. I intend to show the whole Moulsford to Wallingford section in my Spuds Rural Exploration Blog.

Above the Reading Road at Moulsford where you have to walk along from Ferry Lane. That section of river some of the houses, Manor and School have  river frontages where you cannot walk. You go down this farm track

Passing School playing fields on either side

There are signs telling you it's private

At the gate you see a kissing gate you go through

Looking along the School side of the river I was amazed at what had been done to it. These kids don't know how lucky they are, mind you the parents pay enough so no wonder it is well kept

From the kissing gate you follow a footpath that has been fenced in

It passed a landscaped area with ponds. In the distance you see the Moulsford Viaduct or the Four Arches as it is called locally

As you near the railway you come across these high fences to stop you trespassing on the railway

The footpath here is fenced off as well
At the end you come to a footbridge that takes you through one arches of the Viaduct. I will tel you more about it in another post. From here you can follow the Thames to Wallingford and I will take you all along that another time
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