Saturday 27 February 2021

Church Memorials


This week the Church Explorer sows some of the Many Church memorials he has come across in his visits. Some you will find are very old others more modern and many very elaborate in design. The memorials shown here were taken in the Old Church at Nunham Courtenay 

Thursday 25 February 2021

A February Sunset


 The beginning of February while sorting dinner I looked out at a wonderful sunset the clouds a beautiful shade of pink. The photos were taken from the bathroom and bedroom windows

 Looking left towards the sunset the sky got a little darker and an orange cloud cross the sky

Out the back window the the sky reflected the pink of the sunset

Happy Skywatch

Monday 22 February 2021

The Daffodil


Wandering around the garden looking for inspiration I noticed the Daffodils growing in our garden or at least starting to grow. I noticed them poking their heads up back in January and thought it would not be long before they would be in bloom. I thought it would be good to show the various stages of a daffodil.

Just out of the ground, you can see the flower head in the middle

A little taller now and the head it growing well
Reaching up for the sky
The bending over to look around
Start shedding the outer sheath 
and open the head
And there we are.
That it more of less how a daffodil grows
The photos were taken of a few different daffodils that were growing here a week or so ago, this picture was taken today and nearly all of them are in flower. 
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Saturday 20 February 2021

St Peter Didcot


 This week the Church Explorer shows you the old church of St Peter Didcot. The church de-consecrated in 1977 and now is Northbourne Community centre.

Thursday 18 February 2021

Snow drop sky


This week I thought I would show the sky from a different viewpoint, like a bugs eye view 

 The Snowdrops tower overhead

They look like alien plants looking down
The nearby plant looks like a huge tree towing over the snowdrops

 and finish we look up at the first daffodil as it starts to flower

Happy Skywatch


Monday 15 February 2021

Macro Magic


 This week for a change I thought I would show some macro shots which with my EOS R6 DSLR and 100mm macro lens

Drips of water are always a good subject
Though focusing it is not easy hand held on some things
This rose hip makes a good subject
Along with snowdrops

Taking Part in My Little Corner of the World  Our World Tuesday and Imag-in-ing, you can find all the links in the right hand column Take care everyone.

Saturday 13 February 2021

Stained Glass


This week the Church Explorer show some of the  stained glass from Churches visited, some is very old others modern but  all share the same beauty in a church. The stained glass shown here are from Little Coxwell Church Visit the other first to see more stained glass.

Thursday 11 February 2021

Snowy Morning Sky


Towards the end of January we has snow, I looked out of the bedroom window to a smattering of snow on the ground 

The morning looked cold an frosty
A little later it did start to snow a little heavier
Then it cleared leaving the ground with a covering of snow
Next Morning it was a different story with a crisp clear dawn
Happy Skywatch

Monday 8 February 2021

The Walk Home


Carrying on from last weeks walk of the East end of Cholsey, I left you outside Blackhalls Farm now we will carry on back to the village

You can walk here through the old farm yard as it is a footpath

You will walk past the gates to this place Blackhalls Farm which used to own most of the surrounding land, this is where the owner of the old Danish Bacon company lived. I might add another person called Janet Wedgewood live here as well who was a local photographer who had links to the Wedgwood family 

This is the front of the Farmhouse

Nearby is this lane that runs to some houses further along, this is most likely where the old Wallingford Road went

It went in this direction towards Bow Bridge, the corn dryers have been built over the old road

Further along you can look bast the corn barns towards some houses where the backs face old road

It would have one along to the front hedges you seen in the field where it linked with another road also now gone.  Further on it connected to the Turnpike

We go along this concrete track laid by a farmer for their use, it has now been adopted as a footpath

Look over to the right you see the houses on the old East End Farm land, the filed I am looking across will be part of that estate in the near future when they start building on it.

As you near the end of the track you come to this building which is the local veterinary surgery but once there was another building here an abattoir, all that remains of it now are the building in the foreground where the animals were kept. The place now keeps animals that are sick

The track come out by this path which is part of Ilgies lane and takes you to the Reading road, once you could walk across that road and get to the Tames but they moved the footpath

This is the Vets, when it first opened the building was in the carpark in front and the Old abattoir stood where the new building is now

This where we go now along Ilgies Lane which is one of the oldest roads in the village.

 You will walk though a lot of modern housing before coming to this part which is the older part of the village, the red brick building you see ahead was the Eagle Pub but closed many years ago,carry on along the lane brings you to the village.

The Morland Artist in Brewing sign on the former Eagle Pub

I'm a little late in showing this photo which is of Red Cow Cottage along the Wallingford Road. It was taken from the back of the house I lived in across the field around 1982. It shows that this is the front of the house and the old Wallingford Road would have run past the front of where you see it. since this photo was taken the field up to the fence you see is now a housing estate.
I will leave you here and show you another part in another blog

Taking Part in My Little Corner of the World  Our World Tuesday and Imag-in-ing, you can find all the links in the right hand column Take care everyone.