Thursday, 4 June 2020

Copter Sky

In recent times the sky's have been empty of planes flying over but one thing that is seen quite often are helicopters 

This one is seen more often or not
It is usually seen circling around looking for something or someone
The police helicopter
which is based at the local RAF base
The other one you see flying around is this Boeing Chinook HC4 which fly from base to base in the area
I've yet to get a good shot of one and the other copters like the Merlin and Puma's,which to fly quite over.
Taking Part on Skywatch Friday


  1. Nice captures! I see the same here. Jet planes are rarely seen, but the police helicopter and private planes are fairly common.

  2. Good photos of those helicopters. We often see helicopters here too. I should try to get a pic of one.

  3. Helicopters are so cool. The only air vehicles I have seen lately are the Ornge ambulance copters that fly over my house.

  4. I realise reading this that I haven't seen or heard a helicopter in our skies recently. Usually the police or air ambulance pass over regularly. When I worked in the school for the disabled we occasionally had children who needed to go quickly to hospital and the air ambulance would land in our grounds. There was always a large number of volunteers wanting to accompany them on the journey!


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