Monday, 29 June 2020

Another week in the Garden

Back in the garden this week and some more news on how everything is growing I'm pleased to say that most things are growing well 

In the greenhouse the plants are looking very good

The Aubergine have grown well with shoots now showing on the stem which may be fruit. The tomatoes continue to grow 
Growing really well these large Tomatoes 

Carrots grow well

And courgett's (Zucchini) seem to have little fruit showing 
 We have already cut on Cucumber which was really tasty now another tow are about ready to harvest, this is one of them

The Chillies have started to flower as well

More new carrots sprouting

More salad leaves grow in a trough  the on in the foreground has been sewn  with spring onions seeds
 This is American Land Cress and tastes like watercress, nice & spicy
 This is what I was pleased to see Runner beans growing up the canes

Leeks grow well and I have planted Lettuce, spring onions and carrots between the rows 

Back of the greenhouse has tomatoes growing
 With little tomatoes growing
More courgett's (Zucchini) and you can see the little fruit. I have been up to other things as well like making blinds for the greenhouse, I show how in another blog and making a large trough fro the carrots you see in the seed trays.

I will leave you with a Rose that grows by the back door.
Have a safe week
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  1. wonderful, it is so rewarding.

  2. You're busy! Wonderful rose too!

  3. Wow! Those veggies are looking great!

  4. It is truly satisfying to grow your own food. We started a small veggie garden during this lockdown.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. You are going to be feasting very soon!

  6. It's been fun watching your garden grow. I wish I could share some of your tomato harvest - nothing tops a fresh home-grown tomato!
    Thank you for sharing at

  7. Your garden is looking so good. Lots of yummy stuff to eat soon!

  8. I enjoyed your photos of your lush garden. I didn't plant tomatoes this year and with our cool summer (so far) that was probably a good decision. But there's nothing as tasty as a tomato from your own garden! I'll miss that.

  9. Your garden looks wonderful. We've harvested a few cucumbers as well. I'm waiting for my tomatoes to redden up as well. Happy gardening!

  10. It all looks so healthy and perfect.

  11. What a wonderful harvest you are going to have! It has been so rainy and cool here this summer that between the lack of sunshine and the slugs my garden is just struggling to survive. Thank goodness for the farmers market!

    1. We have slugs but they do not seem to be that bad but I do put deterrent down, like sharp stones

  12. Those tomatoes are going to be yummy when they're ready. I potted up a rose plant I bought from my work, it's got new growth on it already.

    1. That one my wife gre from a cutting, it looks amazing now


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