Monday 8 April 2019

Development updates

The other week I walked into Wallingford to visit the Dentist. I took my camera to get some updates on some of the developments that are happening along my route

The first show house on East End Farm in Cholsey is nearing completion 
 Looking where the farm entrance was you can see that the houses are well on the way to being finished

Along the Wallingford Road I popped through a gap in the hedge to take this photo of a field. Sad to say but it will soon be excavated for a gravel pit. I heard a rumour that in World War Two  that a German bomber dumped it's bomb load in the field and they were not found. That would be a surprise for them digging that lot up

I took this picture of the Wallingford Bypass because this is where the gravel pit entrance will be

Right between those two white posts you can see on the road side, they even cut the shrubbery down.

Finally getting to near the Hospital and you can see barricades marking a new footpath
 You might remember me showing a white house here I said was being demolished, this is what replaced it

The garden where the pond was,(still some of it on the other side of the barrier) The estate is in the process of being finished
Last of all the Police station now gone and a fence placed there to stop people wandering in, it will be a while till you see any housing appearing over the top
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  1. I enjoyed this little walk.

  2. Lots of new developments in your area. That gravel pit will also create a lot more heavy traffic.

  3. I like development process
    All you said is very valid.
    I enjoyed reading
    Thank you for sharing

    New post

  4. So much change going on.

  5. Hope the dentist appt went well, cant wait to see what they find in that field.

  6. I know people need homes and have to have a place to live, but I always hate seeing change. Specially open land/farm land. So many places that I played where I grew up now has houses on them now and it just does not seem the same.

  7. Lots of building going on!
    Thanks for sharing at


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