Monday 29 April 2019

Part of the Path

This week I will take you down another part of the Thames Path. It's a part I have never been along even though I live not far away. This part starts at Moulsford and I will show you part of it. I intend to show the whole Moulsford to Wallingford section in my Spuds Rural Exploration Blog.

Above the Reading Road at Moulsford where you have to walk along from Ferry Lane. That section of river some of the houses, Manor and School have  river frontages where you cannot walk. You go down this farm track

Passing School playing fields on either side

There are signs telling you it's private

At the gate you see a kissing gate you go through

Looking along the School side of the river I was amazed at what had been done to it. These kids don't know how lucky they are, mind you the parents pay enough so no wonder it is well kept

From the kissing gate you follow a footpath that has been fenced in

It passed a landscaped area with ponds. In the distance you see the Moulsford Viaduct or the Four Arches as it is called locally

As you near the railway you come across these high fences to stop you trespassing on the railway

The footpath here is fenced off as well
At the end you come to a footbridge that takes you through one arches of the Viaduct. I will tel you more about it in another post. From here you can follow the Thames to Wallingford and I will take you all along that another time
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  1. Hello, looks like an interesting walk. I seen gates similar, they use them to keep the cattle in and let the people in and out. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead.

  2. In the first photo, beneath the "SCHOOL", there is an image, but I simply can't imagine what it's trying to convey. Can you explain?
    Looks like a lovely place to stroll.
    Thanks for sharing at

    1. Speed cameras, they put them up to slow people down. You never know if a mobile speed camera is up the road. If you get caught you cannot say you have not been warned.

  3. I don't remember that part of the path near the school, although I do recall the viaduct. I will be interested to see the rest of this section.

    1. Not really what I'd call a memorable bit, it's easy to forget.

  4. This looks like a beautiful place to walk or run. I have never heard of a kissing gate before. What makes a gate a kissing gate?

    1. You can kiss your partner over the gate as it only lets one person through at a time

  5. All in all an interesting walk.

    Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

  6. Your last shot is my favourite of these.

  7. I do enjoy going on these walks with you. Such pretty scenery to see.

  8. What a beautiful path! The term "kissing gate" is new to me. I'm looking forward to more photos of this path.
    My post features tulip fields in Mt. Vernon, Washington.


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