Thursday 4 April 2019

Spring Sky

So Tuesday we were in Wales and went off for a walk across the hill back to the campsite

 As you can see beautiful spring weather and we had been sitting out on camping chairs the day before 

Along the hill we stopped to take in the view when my wife said look at that lot coming in

we hurried on to see if we could get back before it hit. No chance it came in and snowed
 By the time we got to the bottom of the hill it had passed and clear weather was following

The weather front had passed on further up the valley

Later we went out for another walk and got caught in this lot. Not what you expect from spring weather. We went home the next day as more snow was forecast.
Happy Skywatch


  1. Hello, lovely rural scenes and countryside. Enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  2. Hah, sounds a bit like Oklahoma weather. Things change fast and furiously.

  3. Wow, that looks like some really dramatic changes in the weather in a short period of time!!

  4. I so love that last shot! And the others too...just such beautiful views.

  5. The weather in april always does what it wants ;-)
    But this creates exciting photos
    My contribution...

  6. Ah the skies and weather there look very much like here. No snow, though, and plenty of rain.

  7. Love the blue sky! We've had more rain in California this year than I can remember ever. Thought it was gone, and woke up to drizzle today. Spring is coming, though!

  8. Typical Spring weather, always has a bit of winter there.

  9. Hi Bill, Very neat photos! I got lucky and had a lot of dry days for walking and snapping photos recently but your weather experience in this post is very likely in Seattle too. Things can change so much in a very short time. That first photo ... wow, I just love the look of that country. Have a happy weekend ahead! John


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