Monday 11 March 2019

Ferry Lane

This week I'll take you to another part of the Thames Path at Cholsey Marsh, this is the other end of the place I showed a week or so ago. The Marsh has changed a lot over the years and is a far cry to what I remember as a kid.

This is Ferry lane of the end of it near the River Thames. Ferry lane used to be called Papist way

Looking over to the left you can see the Marsh, this has grown up over the years with trees and reeds. Cattle used to graze here and the places was cropped short then

The Thames Path Finger sign

Above the Thames Path that runs through the marsh

One of the information signs at the Marsh gate, there is another the opposite end
 The River Thames looking over towards Little Stoke

That is Ferry Lane on the Little stoke side. There was a ferry there that used to take people across. I heard storeys of my dad taking it across to a pub in South Stoke during the Second World War. The American forces also made a bridge across here before D Day no doubt as a practise for the real thing. If you click on the Link I put above you can see an old view taken in 1890 from the other side of the river

Left looking upstream from Ferry Lane

I'll leave you with this view of the Thames from Ferry Lane. I'll take you on a walk through the Mash another time.
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  1. Such a trip down memory lane for me. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Oh, how I would love to walk down that way.

  3. Such lovely photos! It looks like a beautiful area.

  4. A lovely walk there. That last photo is so beautiful.

  5. A wonderful landscape, nice reflection in the water !
    My contribution.

  6. I'm enjoying our walk together


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