Monday 25 March 2019

Mating Swans

Normally I have an idea whet I am going to post on Our World Tuesday in advance then the night before I write up the blog but there are times I m out and get some photos that throw the whole lot in the air. Last week I was walking around a small lake at the Campsite we go to and noticed a pair of swans dipping there heads in the water and then preening, while doing this they mad odd mewing noises. The swans were not the only reason I was there so I wandered off to see what I had come to see which took around 15 min.

They were still swimming together

Dipping their heads in unison

The the male mounts

the female. I had witnessed a mating ritual 

Then they faces each other 
Making a heart.
I Began to wish I had taken some video. I felt Privileged to have witnesses such a thing
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. Hello, lovely series on the swans! Enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!

  2. Beautiful captures - I'd have loved to be there and hear the sounds.

  3. Fantastic! So great to get to see that, good for you for paying attention and knowing it was worth going back.

  4. A real priveledge to witness.

  5. What a beautiful encounter you witnessed. That heart! Love that so much.

  6. Oh to be a swan, such an elegant creature of the waters. Even they must abide to the laws of mother Earth.

  7. Glub glub glub! Hope he didn't hold her under water too long (although it looks like she survived}!


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