Monday 20 July 2015

Selfie Saturday

Bit of a change from my normal post for Tuesday but I thought I would show you what I noticed When my Wife & I visited  Corfe Castle. It was not a day I would normally go but we were in the area so took a chance. First thing that happened when we got there was coach load of a tourists tuned up to go with the other which was already there. Getting to the place was easy and getting in but then I found I was tripping over people taking selfies.

It started here  and after getting past

these young lady's had the selfie stick out

Then I took some photos for a panoramic and when I downloaded them I noticed someone taken a selfie in the bottom left.

I wanted to go and get a photo from this point but the girls were back for another selfie

 People were sat on the walls having a photo taken

or waving to their friends to take one

no matter where you looked someone was taking a selfie or a photo

He strikes a nice pose but did he realise I was watching him take it.

So there you have it, Selfies everywhere. I'm not going to say it people should not do it because I do it as well, it's just I happened to notice everyone doing it on Saturday.
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  1. Looks like it was a selfie photo day. Neat shots of the castle and the people! Have a happy week!

  2. I love it. I take people of people taking pictures, especially selfies, all the time. On our recent trip to Hawaii I think I was the only one without a selfie stick.

  3. Urmm I haven't succumbed to a selfie stick yet but I have seen signs up in some tourist spots in Europe 'no selfie sticks', which shows just how popular they have become!
    Wren x

  4. I must admit to indulging in a selfie now and again but those selfie sticks are becoming a real pain in many of the tourist spots in London. I was so pleased to see them being confiscated on entry to London. I believe they are also banned in the National Gallery due to the possible risk of damage to the paintings. The subject has made a great post though Bill.

  5. Not for me either.... I've seen people use these to excess.

  6. Great post - love #7 which you posted on Geograph with the tag selfie and I followed your link here - I was watching folk doing the same as the waves crashed towards them last week and photographed one (not the most blatant ones as I was sheltering) and used that tag.


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