Saturday 14 February 2015

Alice's Tree

You can read the story about it by scrolling down it is about Alice who was a local lady who worked at the park. I borrowed the story from Amy at lovemademyhome
who works here . 
The photo was taken today on Valentines day

When the 101st Airborne were stationed at Basildon Park one of the soldiers called Bill fell in love with a local lady called Alice, and this is their story.

Alice and Bill met at a dance at Basildon Park, they fell in love and planned to marry.  Bill took part in the D-Day operations and returned home.  Bill was later sent to Arnhem in Holland where he sadly died.
How does this fit in with the tree I hear you ask.
Alice never married, she remained in love with Bill for the rest of her life.  After she retired, she came to Basildon Park to work as a room guide.  Following her death her ashes were scattered under the Copper Beech Tree.  Alice is as close to her memories of Bill as she can be.

Happy Valentines day


  1. A touching story and it's a beautiful tree. I can imagine it looking lovely in other seasons.

  2. A fine story, and a sturdy looking tree.


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