Monday 16 February 2015

Donnington Castle

Most of you will never have heard of it but there is a Donnington Castle just outside Newbury, and there were Two battles fought there in the Civil war. It dates back to 1386 and was demolished in 1646 all you see now are some wall outlines and the gatehouse. I visited on a cold January Day.

Donnington Castle from the  carpark below
 First sight of the gatehouse

 You can see Newbury in the distance
 The gatehouse from the front, the steel gates are a recent addition, I seem to remember then not being there the last time I came here

Headstop decorations are still there

So are lots of doorways and fireplaces

this was probably one of the out walls or towers  which was grubbed out

Here we look from out side of the keep area

Someone brought a couple of quadcopters   to try out

after this it did a circuit round the Castle
 Wide angle shot of the castle area

Zoomed in a bit towards the gatehouse
 The back wall of the keep
 And another shot towards Newbury with the car park below. The muddy are below I thing was the civil war  defense that was added.
Taking Part in Our World Tuseday


  1. What a great tour you've given us! I'd love to visit a place like this. Fantastic.

  2. Even what's left of it is fascinating!

  3. Amazing this place has stood for so long!

  4. What a marvellous place!

  5. What a beautiful place ! I love these old ruins !

  6. Great shots and wonderful historical post ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. Great shots of an ancient castle!

  8. Wonder what the original occupants would think of the little helicopters, eh?


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