Thursday 5 February 2015

Grow Your Own Blog

Today I am telling you about Grow Your Blog  which is run by a lady called Vicki at  2 Bags Full
Each year she runs a Blog Party for people who wish to grow their blogs and gain a bigger audience

Last Year I joined  Grow Your Blog tell people about one of my other blogs called My Grave Place which is about the church's and cemetery's I have visited in my travels. This year I'm joining again to tell you about my main blog called Spuds Daily Photo
The blog is a showcase for photo's that I take every week and are from different parts of the country that I visit When I first started it I did it as a 360 but after the year was up I took a couple of days off, posting for a 360 takes a lot of work so the present format is how it has been for a while.

Monday I tend to join with Meme called Monday Mural where I try to show a photo to of a mural I have come across.

Tuesday will be joining with Our World Tuesday showing a palace I have visited and tends to be a longer blog.

Wednesday will always be Wordless.

Thursday I tend to leave and can be a random day and of late I have not been posting anything. But Friday is Skywatch day and of late  used on Sunlit Sunday as well

Saturday is tends to be another day off but Sunday  I publish My Grave Place Blog.  I do publish a couple of other blogs as well and there are links in my blogs if you wish to see them. Check out the Grow your blog link above to see some other great blogs from round the world.


  1. Hope your blog grows as big as you want it to! :)

  2. You've got a pretty good set schedule, then.


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