Monday 7 July 2014

Rood Screen And Altar

Forgive me I realise I used a mural twice in one of my blogs even calling it the same title. I hope I have not done the same with this one. It was taken a while ago in St James Church Avebury the link will show more of the church and the murals there. This was not one of my best days for photos as I messed up the camera settings and it was not till I got home I realised what I had done but some editing has let me come up with these photos for you.

 This first one is backdrop to the altar and shows the Crucifixion
 These paintings depicting Saints are on either side of the First photo
but a little further down the wall

The rood screen which was dismantled and hidden from the parliamentarians in the civil war and only found again a couple of hundred years later

 You can see these paintings of Saints on EIther side as well
I also noticed that there are more on the gates on the roodscreen which I missed getting. Taking part in Monday Mural


  1. Lovely paintings. I also like the simplicity of this church.

  2. These are beautiful! I keep missing you in Google+, as I'm not a fan!


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