Sunday 27 July 2014

Street Murals

Now before you think I have been walking along checking out street graffiti this is in a place called Street not far from Glastonbury in the UK. The thing the place is famous for is shoes as it is where Clarks shoes have their HQ and shoes are made. It will be a future Our Workd Tuesday. Back to the murals. My wife & I were walking round Street and came out to the town from the shopping outlet (Big Mall) to find a local bakery we liked when I spotted these murals opposit it.

Soon as I saw it I was off and running to check it out
First part you could see was this superb town plan with shops round the outside
Next was a wall with local items you can find
Presume this is the Summerset Levels an Prehistorc finds
Mural of the Twin Town
The Mural wall with all the Murals on. 
Taking Part in Monday Mural


  1. great find - some interesting themes included here.

  2. These are really nice! I especially like how they've been "framed".

  3. Amazing art and great find

  4. Beautiful murals and an interesting building.

  5. From a distance I honestly thought these were columns and arches. I would have trotted over to them too. Murals just do that to you. Well captured. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  6. Neat photos of the murals! I think I'll participate in tomorrow's Monday Mural. See ya again.


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