Monday 26 July 2021

Growing in the Garden


This week I'm back in the greenhouse and was quite happy that things were ripening well

A few tomatoes are ripening

Ready to eat

along with a  cucumber

Something beat me to this.

Outside near the fence are more tomatoes, growing well

Rubber beans, well runner beans these did better that I thought and we had a good feed of them with Sunday dinner

This is an experiment. I had wanted to get some spuds to grow but they had sold out when I asked so as the ones we had in the house were starting to sprout I popped a few in this trug. Tow grew one I think gave up. I really do not know how they will turn out

This is a bit of a miss mash of rhubarb and tomato plants I did not have the heart to throw away.
 The rhubarb was on its last legs and when I put in in here it thrived. On of the tomatoes was a sucker of the ones in the greenhouse

Around the back of the greenhouse are a few more tomatoes growing in a sun trap.

The first few photos were taken a while ago the tomatoes and cucumber went in sandwiches. look though the greenhouse window and you see more tomatoes growing and a nice cucumber

Look through the door and you see a few more tomatoes ripening. 
Take Care everyone
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  1. Wow! Your garden is truly beautiful. I love seeing how many tomato plants you have there. Our tomatoes are still very small and very green. We're hopeful there will be enough sunshine so that they look more like yours. Beautiful garden, Bill!

    1. Not sure I'll grow as many next time, they take a lot of looking after

  2. I used to grow a lot of tomatoes in dad's old greenhouse when I looked after my mother. She used to give most of them away to friends!

    1. Funny you should say that. When my parents were alive dad used to grow a garden full of spuds and lots of runner beans. Come harvest time my aunty used to appear form the Midlands and mum used to give half away to her. Could never understand Why.

  3. Growing tomatoes was my mum's favourite summer activity. She grew so many she always had to give loads away. Yours are all coming along nicely.

  4. Such a lovely harvest of tomatoes! Will you give them away or do you can some of them for the winter?

    1. I might end up giving some away but we normally manage to use them all

  5. you're going to have a really super crop of tomatoes by the look of it.

  6. What a gorgeous greenhouse - full of fresh and beautiful veggies!
    Thanks for sharing at!

  7. A fabulous variety of veggies!

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


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