Saturday 25 April 2020

The Fair Mile Chapel

This week I am writing in the Church Explorer about the old chapel at Fair Mile Hospital that was, I have never written any thing on the chapel in the Church Explorer so I thought I would do an extended piece about it. 

Stay safe everyone and Take Care


  1. Oh, I hope it's fenced off for renovation, not destruction, or to let it crumble safely!

    1. It was taken a few years ago now and teh fence was more to stop parking than anything else. If you click on the link the last photos in the blog show it from last year

  2. it is a very interesting place

  3. Am happy that the building has been saved!
    Too bad the church is no more
    Don't know which is your mom ... but they were both pretty girls!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. What beautiful Church!I went to that blog of Yours, Church blog, and was a mazed!Very beautiful photoes!!So interesting!!It is sad no one is taking care of it .if I understand it right--So many great wooden art work!!It must been a special visit to be there after ten years noone had been there--Terrible about the People that destroys its Things inside- Your mother looks amzing!A pretty pretty lady and she looked very happy!

    The hymn 193 I stand all amazed..Very good Words, ,and I like it very much!

    Thanx for sharing !


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