Monday 13 April 2020

Day in the life of a Runner Bean

I hope everybody is coping with this period in our lives. I have been showing some of what I was getting up to in the garden. Today I will show what has been happening in the greenhouse. A while ago I planted some seeds to germinate in some propagators on the windowsill till the weather warmed up enough for them to go in  the greenhouse. One of the plants I sowed from seed was a runner bean. We love them and have grown them a few times but this time it was the first time I tried growing from seed.

I planted the seeds early last week and on the 9th I noticed some of the dwarf runner beans starting to sprout

Come Easter Sunday you could see them popping out of the compost

Above the day before on the 11th I spotted a Runner Bean popping up
On the 12th a couple of leaves were appearing in the pots this was around 9:45 in the morning

 Around 12 hours later more runners could be seen and leaves were appearing on some of them


The one on the right I could sworn I saw moving around as it grew, and more  More Dwarf runners were seen as well
 24 hours later this morning the growth on the runner beans was clear to see
 The Dwarf runners were doing well as well
 Remember the carrots I put in Bottles well they are coming on well
A while ago I planted these Cucumbers and tomatoes 
Well this is how they look now in the greenhouse though one of the cucumbers went a little lime over night because it was near an open louvre, well a little while under the propagator it was back on track again
Happy Gardening, I think my dad would be chuffed to see what I have been up to because when I lived at home he knew I did not like it. I'll bring more next week
Keep Safe Everyone.
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  1. You'll have a wonderful crop, I'm sure!
    Thank you for sharing at, and please stay safe and healthy!

  2. It must certainly be rewarding to see how the runner beans and other plants are starting to grow. It's a sure sign of encouragement that you will at least have your own garden of fresh vegetables. And, gardening is also a wonderful distraction from world events these days.

  3. There is something special about watching seeds germinate. Looks as though you are going to be very busy in the garden over the next few weeks.

    1. It does look that way, I just hope it works out

  4. It's great to see the runner beans starting to grow there, and those carrots too. Just seeing the little carrot sprouting up made me realize why our seeds haven't sprouted yet. We need a greenhouse!

    1. Ah if you plant them in pots and put them on you windowsill it will work as well

  5. Yours are way ahead of mine! I got a really late start on planting my seeds.

  6. I need to grow some vegetables. All I'm growing so far is flowers and a pot of micro-greens.


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