Monday 29 July 2019

The Exhibition

My wife and I went off to a camping exhibition the other week to have a look at what was on offer

The camping field where you can see all the tents on offer

Small caravans with a pop up top, not my cup of tea, might add they cost in excess of £18000 for which you could pick up a nicer caravan anyway

A Ford Transit based camper

another type of van based camper with a high top

Custom built version which is what you normally see around most places

These are another type though not my favourite

There were lots of tents like this one which is an air beam, not poles but the poles are air bags. they have become very popular

Bit more conventional 

Quite a few Teepee's 

What we had come to see  trailer tents. First think my wife and I had was one of these

Though we loved this one as it was very easy to put up

ands it looks like this when it is put away

Smaller tents to go hiking with
and all sorts of seats you could by to take with you. We did not buy anything apart from some butane bottles for the cooker I use. I'll stick with my caravan
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  1. What a huge array! We don't do camping!

  2. Looks like an interesting show, one that wakens your wanderlust.

  3. Interesting to see what is on the market nowadays, we had a big tent 40 years ago which we left in Italy with my MIL.

  4. I've spent time with different versions of most of the choices on offer there and by far the most comfortable was a tepee. My little one-man backpacking tent was rather less comfy but easy to carry. I keep thinking I'll resurrect it one day.

  5. Amazing choice these days.

  6. What a variety of options. My sister has one similar to the one in your 5th photo.

  7. Wow, a lot of choices there. I haven't camped in years. Makes me wonder what I choose from all of this. Did you get something?

  8. Lots of great choices--everything from backpacking tents to large RVs. My family camped when I was growing up and I miss it.
    My post features flowers, berries, and more.

  9. There are similar items out there for sale here.


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