Monday 22 July 2019

A trip to Mottisfont

My wife & I have been here a couple of times to see the roses, if you get it at the right time in June you are give a beautiful show of roses and the smell is wonderful.

First place you see when walking in the walled garden is this area which has changed since our last visit, they are making a vegetable garden here
The entrance to the rose garden is through this gate

Roses grow along the walls and the garden paths take you through the rose beds

Where ever you look you will see roses and they smell is wonderful

Lucky there were not many people around when we were there but then not all the roses were in bloom
 There were plenty of Allium's on show though
 but the roses I felt were a little disappointing some had gone over and others had not come into flower which was a shame
We went past this old gatehouse which is the gardeners cottage you can visit and learn how they look after their roses. Mottisfont is well worth visiting though if you do go in June you will find every one else there as well. It is looked after by the National Trust so unless you are a member you will have to pay but it is well worth it.
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  1. I love roses.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. Nothing better than the scent of roses. It looks a beautiful garden.

  3. That looks a delightful place to visit. These walled gardens were originally used for providing fresh fruit and veg and a few cut-flowers for the big house, of course. The NT always seems to be caught by the dilemma of whether to be authentic (more vegetables and fruit) or giving visitors what they want (more flowers). Recently I've noticed a little more emphasis on the produce side.

  4. Quite a beautiful place to walk. Love roses!

  5. I can just imagine the scent from all those lovely roses. Looks like a place that's definitely worth the visit.

  6. Lovely, especially the climbing roses!

  7. The gardens do look well tended.


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