Monday 28 January 2019

Well Stocked Phone Box

My showing the phone box used as a library in Wales prompted me into driving along to a village not far away from where I live where I had seen another one used for this purpose. The times I have drove past some one was using the layby it was near but I took a chance the other day and stopped off  in the empty space.

These phoneboxes were well used in the past when there were people did not have their own phone to use at home, they were also used to phone home when you were away
They have become an icon of our country and many villages have adopted them rather than let phone company take them away. They get used for different purposes, Streatley had put theirs to a good use in that it has become a mini library and a well stocked one it is
I was well impressed in that they had placed a shelving unit in it and shelves were stocked with books

On the side of the phone box were two picture frames with notices in them, one told you it was the Streatley Telephone Box Book Exchange the other told you the rules and listed the books in colour codes to tell you what type of book it was fiction , children etc
I notice one book by an author I like to read and was very tempted to borrow it. Good to know where I can borrow a book from.
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  1. I am pleased to see these phone boxes taking on a new life. It would be a great pity if they disappeared from our streets.

  2. Believe it or not some telephone boxes are Listed Buildings, which should ensure their preservation. There are also some which still operate as phone boxes where mobile coverage is non-existent.

  3. On my very first trip to London way back in 1985, I used one of these wonderful old phone boxes to phone home and let the family know I had arrived safely and was enjoying myself. On my more recent trip to London in 2016, I saw someone standing in one and talking on his cell phone. Then I realized it had been turned into a charging station where you could plug in your cell phone when you had a low battery and make a call.

  4. It's a good use for the booth.

    The high commissioner here has a booth on the grounds of the official residence, but that's used more as a photo op sort of thing.

  5. What a great use for the telephone boxes.

    In Switzerland, one was part of an informal statue display near a bus stop. It was so impressive.

  6. What a wonderful use of an old phone booth!

  7. What a nice way to keep the phone booth part of the landscape. I think they're such a delight to see - the red phone booth is so cheery!
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  8. Wow. These make perfect little libraries. They are just the right size and offer just the right protection from the elements. Thank you so much for sharing this box with us!

  9. I love the way these old phone boxes are being used now. Wonderful!


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