Saturday 5 January 2019

The Church Explorer

This week I am showing a roundup of the churches I visited in 2018, this is something I have been doing on the Church Explorer for a few years though not on the daily photo ( I would not know where to start). As I have only been posting the churches I visit on here for a short while I suggest you read through the review of the year and have a look at the churches I visited.  You will find them from around Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Wales. You may wonder at my choice of subject to blog about but we have some beautiful churches here in the UK that I feel go unappreciated. I love finding older churches that have features dating to the middle ages and trying to find headstones that date to the 1600's. In Wales I come across churches that look virtually untouched. If you get a chance read through some of the older blogs from past years you will see what I have come across. Too many seem to be closing because of dwindling congregations  and I feel they should be recorded in case we loose sight of what was they were for & their architectural value. They should be preserved for the future so others can use them for what they were ment to be a place of worship, somewhere you can seek peace, traquilty and pray.
There is a quote on the back of England's Thousand Best Churches
"These Churches were and still are a glorious collective museums of vernacular without equal anywhere in the world" 

The card below is something I will be leaving at Churches I visit in the future.

Happy New year everyone


  1. Leaving a calling card is a good idea.

  2. I agree. Seeing your commitment and your card says a lot.

  3. You are to be commended for documenting such an important and interesting part of UK history!

  4. Very cool hobby to visit all the old churches in your country. I'm sure there are many beautiful ones! I'll have to check out your other blog.

  5. You are so right about the beautiful churches we have in the UK. I am amazed at how many there are. Like you I can't resist visiting new ones I come across. What a good idea to leave your card behind.


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