Monday 3 September 2018

Miller Homes

Back in March I showed you a house that used to be here and was demolished, well things have now moved on at a pace and the new homes are well on the way to being built

 The new road is now in use

Leading to the new homes

But to one side is a old ornamental pond which has been forgotten about and lost as it is partly filled in
The little water wheel is still there but no water turns it now

The pond is empty

As for where the house was well a new one is being built there though I doubt it will be the same.
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  1. Interesting to go back and look at the post that showed the house that was there, and then see this. Makes me wonder how many houses will be built there. There is a similar thing happening in one of the old pastures here. Once there were a half dozen cows, now there's a road with power and electricity waiting for 12 homes to be built.

  2. It looks as though the one house is going to be replaced with a few houses.

  3. They're planning to build on a field at the back of my house, though the parish council seem to be doing everything in their power to hold things up. I suppose that the builders will win out in the end.

  4. It's kind of sad about the little pond. Hopefully, the new places will fit in.

  5. It is sad to see the fate of the pond.


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