Monday 24 September 2018

The Llyn Brianne

Now I visited this reservoir a few years ago but with the recent drought I thought it might be good to revisit and see how it looked. I wrote a blog on the Llyn Brianne on my last visit and thought I would find the place unchanged other than the reservoir a bit low. I was shocked at what we come across..

Last time I came here the area was covered in trees, now they are logging them

This shows the extent of what they have done in this part. I missed getting a photos of the machine cutting them down

As were drove along the valley you could not help notice the reservoir had dropped and now it was just a river

Large swathes of bank were on show
A bridge that had been covered in water was back on show

Looking down from the viewpoint we stopped off at you could see the sides of the reservoir

The water had dropped way down
We stopped near were we had the picnic last time and looked at the low water

Even down at the dam you could see rocks and boulders that normally were not on show. It will be a while before the water in the reservoir recovers


  1. Wishing you and the reservoir all the best

  2. Do they plant more trees to replace the ones cut down?

  3. That is troubling, clear cutting that much.

  4. I am always saddened by trees being cut down! Experiencing it at the moment when I drive to work. A pine plantation- two in fact - which have been growing alongside the tourist road to the Central Drakensberg, are now being cut dowm. We're hoping the little saplings we see are a new plantation and not just retoons. I ope your resoivior recovers. Water, like trees, is as necessary as air!

  5. I am really surprised to see how dry it is there. Yikes! Looks like the droughts we've had here in California. And, always sad to see trees down like that.

  6. That low reservoir is just another sign of climate change. However, those trees being cut down is another problem entirely. I wonder shy they are doing that.

  7. Water levels still seem to have a long way to go to recover.


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