Monday 30 July 2018

View from the mound

The mound I am talking about is a huge spoil heap from the excavation work on some of the buildings on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory site. It has been made into a walk and nature reserve and many people go there for lunch The other day I took a final look from the mound before I retire from work. the one thing I wanted to photograph was a nearby estate built on the site of the old RAF Bomb Store
The place used to part of RAF Harwell but now little remains of what was here. If you look at the link to the Bomb store you can see what it looked like when I first took some photos from the mound

 So this is what the estate looks like now it is finished, I might add it looks a very nice one to live in as well though I can say I don't think the part in the foreground will be built on as there are rumours of a new experiment going there

Just over to the right is this structure which I really do not have a clue as to what it is

 Turning arund I spotted this new building going up or should I say nearly finished, again I could not tell you what it is for.

The last think I looked for ws this, theplaque beside the road on the Harwell Magnox site
which is on the otherside of a boundary fence you cannot go to but I took the photo through the fence

 The only people who ever see this are the guys who work on the site or who can see it from the Runerford side of the fence

It was placed there many years ago when it was a an active site. A little piece of hitory very few people get to see. 
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  1. the estate view is nice
    Hope Monday wasnt so stressful?
    Mine was less stressful
    new post

  2. Congratulations on your retirement! Good for you! They look like nice houses down there but, I might have a tiny bit of hesitation about living on that site. There is just something about it's past life that would worry me.

  3. When I was in school, I disliked history, now I find it very interesting.


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