Monday 23 July 2018

Swan Upping

Now this is somthing I have always wanted to see and Fiday I made an effort knowing that the Swan Uppers had stopped off at Moulsford overnight. I knew they were starting off at 9am and would pass our village not long after so it was off to Ferry lane to see the flotilla

I was caughy on thr hop as I only noticed the first of them through the nearby trees and managed to get this shot

The gut ath the back is sat on the tool box

This boat was next

Then this one of the Dyers' Company.

That is their flag

They were backed up by qute a few boats like this one flying the Queens flag

The swan markers flag

The  Dyers' Company. flag

Here you have both   Dyers' Company. and Vintners' Company

This noat camer after towing

This skif with the  Swan Marker
 The flag of the marker of Swans

The marker of swans himself Mr David Barber MVO who has had the post since 1993
Next year I intend to be at one of the main places that ring the swans
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  1. Everything there except the swans, who seem to be making themselves scarce. I didn't realise there was so much dressing up required to "up a swan".

  2. nice photos
    Thank you for this lovely post my dear
    New post

  3. I saw a television documentary about this process and I found it very interesting. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  4. Such an interesting adventure!

  5. I had every intention of going to watch the 'swan uppers' this year especially as I have written about the Vintners and Dyers companies in my 'Above the Underground' series. The heat has put me off travelling any distance this week. I was delighted to see that you had managed to take a few photos especially of the flags which I now recognise. Maybe next year.


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