Sunday 22 July 2018

St Matthew Harwell

Each week I have been trying to feature a church from my Church Explorer Blog, This is not because of any Religious beliefs it is because I feel we in the UK are loosing too many of our churches that are closing because of the lack of a congregation to attend because there are too few clergy to go around an dtoo fee people in the area. I feel the churches need recording because they are part of out heritage and history and should be preserved.
This weeks church is St Matthew Harwell, please visit the blog if you can.


  1. I'm not religious at all, but I love seeing these old churches and really appreciate that you photograph them.

  2. The churches are excellent, beautiful buildings. I went to Peru and saw some of the gand old churches from when they were taking over South America. Convert! or die! In the basement of each one was a torture chamber, ad bones, hundreds of thousands of human bones.
    I wonder what's in the basement of these churches.

  3. Its is so sad that churches are closing down
    Thanks for sharing
    Lovely ))
    Happy Monday dear
    new post

  4. I love seeing historical buildings, the older the better so please do keep sharing :-)


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