Tuesday 17 July 2018

The Shipping Container

Sometime after I started working at Diamond Light Source we got an old shipping  container to use for storage while the place was being built. The container was inside and after the place was finished the container was moved outside. 14 years on in it was showing its age and leaking so a new one was purchased. The photos show the amount of effort that went in to moving it

Above the old container waiting to be moved

The building is round and the only way to move it is through the door you see on the right using forklifts

The container is the lifted by crane

Over the storage ring

then down the other side

and moved out side

Where it was left to get picked up.
The lorry came in and unloaded the new one and picked up the old one

The riggers were very quick so I missed the container being moved and caught up with it when it had landed on the lift zone

Cop the size of the lifting straps

The new container now in place and being wired up with lights