Monday 9 May 2016

After the Floods

These are some photos I came across on my laptop and were taken after the flooding in 2012/13
I had been watching and taking photos of the floods when I heard a boat had sunk. A buoy marked where it was in the floods and by early 2013 the bow of the narrow boat could be seen.

Believe it of not it was one of three boats moored here, the far one a family were living in it, I even saw them wading through the floods to reach the boat. The two boats were moored right the centre one was too tight & sunk

Even the ones on the other side rode the flood and came through

You had to feel for the owners of the boat that was under water

You could see the whole thing under the water

The water had flooded the children's water feature and now it was covered in mud

You see the litter bin well that was under water , the restaurant on the opposite had water above the red life preserver you can see hanging on the wall and all the picnic tables were swept away

Right under the bridge to be caught up in the trees, no doubt many more went down river.

The boat I showed was re floated a few days later and removed, could not say what became of it. The floods were not the highest I have seen but came very close.


  1. Never underestimate the power of water. The photo showing the boat completely covered in water shows some of the devastation that flooding causes.

    1. I never got to see the narrow boat that was caught across one of the bridges in Oxford. It could not be moved till the floods went down and stopped the traffic going upstream

  2. Creative photography and beautiful boats ~ but sad to see them destroyed ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  3. It is sad to see the destruction caused by the floods. I think you did well to document to event.

    Alex's World! -

  4. Floods can be a great nuisance and sometimes very scary!

  5. Virtually the pics brought me there.

  6. The photo of the boat completely submerged is amazing. What a sight.

  7. That was some serious damage in that flood. The submerged boat really brings it home as to how powerful water can be.


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