Monday 2 May 2016

A Road at Fairmile

Back in 2010 I started something I called the Fairmile Project, the idea was to record the development of an old asylum over to housing. One part of the side had a building which was one of the first to be demolished in it's place was being built the main show home for the site. The first footings you can see going in below and beyond was a field that that used to be used for grazing cattle in, what I did not realise it was going to have an access road built through it.

A month or so later I was on side and noticed an access road was being built

The road went in between two of the houses. I might add not that long after this photo was taken the right hand building was burn down by some nice little mother son. It was so bad it had to be torn down and rebuilt

Months later bollards where in and the grass had been sown

In 2012 the road was covered in asphalt for traffic and opened for business an that was how it stayed for a number of years

Come 2016 I had a wonder back up there as all the housesing had been sold, the road had been removed and laied to grass and now a footpath took it's place. What used to be a field was now a park


  1. Hello, I am happy to see it is now a park. Greenspace is always welcome. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Was the road just an access road for the builders then?

  3. It's transformation is interesting.

  4. Excellent series of progressive images Bill, such a good idea, we should all do projects like this!


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