Tuesday 31 May 2016

A Walk up the Downs

I did have an ulterior motive for this walk, it was a bit of research for another blog I am writing in my Exploration Blog but going to get the photos brought back some childhood memories.

I wanted to get to the hill you see in the distance which is on the Cholsey Downs

To get to it you had to walk up the path you see ahead, this area is a car park for people visiting the downs

The gate here stop you getting to the downs by car. It is only a recent thing as we could once drive right up to a place called the Fair Mile
   The gully you see in the track is caused by rainwater flowing down the hill

Looking back to the carpark

This part of the walk is quite boring now but on the left are some woods
where we used to play & roam around

It used to be a lot more open but now has become very overgrown with vegetation

But in some places it you look out you get a fine view like Starveall farm you see below 

In places I can see where people have been poking around in the woods as there are paths leading in
 We used to go into the woods to play and climb the trees till one day the local farmer who owned it caught us coming along the track on our bikes and accused us of poaching. He wanted out names. But Iwas dammed if I was giving him mine so a few just legged it. I'm told he chased us but he never caught us though I admit my dad was not impressed when I told him. The miserable old famer could have done nothing anyway as the truth is he never caught us in the woods

The track here  gets a bit rougher though it's in better condition that when it was when I was a kid
   This is a view of the woods we used to play in 

This is about as far as I went

 Because this is the view I wanted to get looking down into the village of Cholsey. I felt it was worth the effort. As for the miserable old farmer well he died many years ago and lays in Cholsey Churchyard.


  1. That looks an interesting walk with those views. Good place for memories.

  2. I love those rolling hills.

  3. Peaceful... and what a glorious final view!

  4. What a wonderful trip down memory lane!


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