Tuesday 11 August 2015

Silverstone Classic

A few weekends ago my wife & I went to the Silverstone Classic. A weekend calibration of classic racing cars. We had not been there for years that many in fact I did not recognise the place. I've shown a couple of tasters but here are some of the stars of the show for me.

 MK1 Lotus Cortina a very rare car

Triumph GT6
Adrenalin ride for this kid in a Caterham 7 round a figure of 8 track. 15 quid a shot and I turnd it down

line up of 7's

from across the pond a Mustang

the badge on one

like this
An AC Cobra

This was what it was about but I only watched this race

Lotus cortina MKII

Mini Cooper

Mini Marcos. It's a Mini based kit car
Cool hotrod

Drag Raceing

lot's of these on show

and a few of these

more of these, Might have guessed I love Mini's
Last time I saw this was in 1976 racing at Silverstone , fastest car I have ever witnessed going round the track

there were two of these

and one of these RS2000

Lot's of Austin Healys like this Frogey

I'll end with my favorite the Mini and he knew I took the photo as he floored it
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. What a cool car show, awesome collection of photo. Have a great day!

  2. Some classics here, and I like the blue hotrod!


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