Monday 17 August 2015

Day trip to Llandrindod Wells

Saturday morning arrived and friends Francine & Prunella awoke bright & early to the sound of bird song and the gentle buzz of a friendly bumble bee going about his business past the bedroom window. Today they had another exciting adventure ahead of them.

Dressed & groomed the pair sneaked their way into Wizzies camera bag. She has so many that they were greatly relieved to feel themselves hoisted into the air & carried off down the stairs to finally settle in the  back of the Jumping Jimny. As the engine purred the pair couldn't resist a little giggle & a peek at the ever changing countryside whizzing them by.

After a while the car fell silent & the boot opened. Once again the girls were hoisted into the air & were gently bounced up & down on Wizzies shoulder. The weather was bright & a little breezy, ideal for a long stroll aound the Lake at Llandrindod Wells in Wales. Having little legs they didn't want to tire themselves too soon.

Just before they reached the lake they felt the bag open to reveal daylight & Wizzie removed her camera. Without a moments hesitation the girls were out & about.

In their excitement they scrambled here there and everywhere finally coming to rest in the arms of Gaia a sculpture by Edward Folkard which was commissioned by the National Eisteddfod in 1993. It is near to the entrance of Powys County Hall.

So beautifully sculptured & captivating from all angles...

Jumping down from Gaia's arm, they ran hopping, skipping & jumping there way along a dark narrow lane to a kissing gate & a stunning view of Llandrindod's Lake..

The Lake at Llandrindod Wells was dug out from a bog to create a focal point for the Pump House Hotel, which in the heyday of the town's Spa, was a fashionable place to stay whilst taking the healing waters. A recent addition is the fountain in the middle of the lake, which is a sculpture of a sea dragon and leaping fish.

Next to the kissing gate the girls spotted a woooden sculpture of a Llandoddie, a figure with crocodile's head, with a fish.. He looked friendly so the pair went off to introduce themselves...

 Crafted by Dave King, Welsh sculptor and woodcarver from Llandrindod Wells.

A quick stop for ice cream at the Lakeside Cafe. The two girls enjoyed watching the children feeding the Swans & Ducks with grain their parents had purchased from the shop.
Francine and Prunella were sensible & didn't venture too close to the waters edge.
After a relaxing break, Francine & Prunella were re-energized and off once again to explore. 

They spotted another wooden sculpture of a Llandoddie, this time a gnome reading a book. 

They just love a good story...

Sadly all good adventures come to an end and the pair were beginning to become very tired and weary. Time to say goodbye & hop back into Wizzies camera bag for a safe journey home. 
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