Monday 13 October 2014

Nuffeld Place

Nuffield Place was the home of Lord Nuffield who was the person who started off Morris Cars in Oxoford. He live at the house untill he died and when his wife died the house was left ot Nuffield college who have no passed it on to the National Trust. One of the requests was that none of the items in the house should be removed so what you see si a tiem capsul.

 I think this plaque is off an old building in Oxford

One of the posted in the garage
 Another showing what the factory did in the war

Inside Lady Nuffields car

And this is Lady Nuffields car in the garage

Lord Nuffield started out in his working life making bikes

Inside the house it is untouched

Anyone for tea

 The table set for Dinner
 The Lord & Lady Nuffields gowns

This is old Money which I use dto use as a kid

One of the rooms had a cubord with the suff Lord Nuffiled used to tinker and make things with, I can relate to all the stuff here

Lady Nuffield was rather thrifty and never threw any thing away. She used to maek cloths and repair them at this table

This house itself

Another viewof the house

 Thi sudial is on the side of it

The entrance to the house with one classic car, the near one is a fake made in asia somewhere
 Viewof the house with one of the house guids over on the left. He was well worth listening to

On ethis Lord Nuffield made was an Iron Lung, he supplied them to any hospital that asked for one

And this is an Iron Lung, not something I would want to go in but it saved many a childs life.
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  1. Impressive house! I wonder how many years the Trust can maintain all that stuff. Eventually some of it will deteriorate.

  2. Another interesting National Trust property. I like it when they leave all the bits and pieces of everyday life in place. I too can relate to those coins. In fact I've got a jar full somewhere in the house.

  3. Now I regret that I haven't visited this place ! I have only seen the house when I was in Oxford.

    1. It's only been owed by the national Trust for the last three years

  4. That's quite a place. It is an amazing time capsule. Wonderful photos.

  5. It's quite a house! And a fascinating time capsule.


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