Tuesday 7 October 2014

Picnic on the Beach

I showed a photo of a lake my wife & I had a picnic overlooking a while a ago, well we also went to the beach as well. We had the notion of going to the coast near Aberystwyth. Looking at a road map I thought I found a likely spot, little did I realize where we were going.

 This is Borth well the good bit of it

The beach just off to my right

and looking down the beach, like I said the good bit.

I took this coming back and missed getting the over developed bit with shops, amusement arcades and gift (tat)shops trying to sell overpriced mementos. They were rebuilding the breakwater on the right after last winter storms. In my opinion they should have let the sea reclaim the place along with the field of Mobile holiday homes nearby

Enough said about that place, after driving through we came out on this beach I think is called Traeth Maelgwyn which is by the River Dovey Estuary

The beach is quite nice and we drove on it and sat and had our picnic looking at this view.

The town opposite is Aberdovey

which did look very picturesque in this photo, mind you it was zoomed in

From where I stood it looked more like this

On the way back I stopped off and took this view of Aberystwyth.
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  1. What pretty shots of beach and village.

  2. A nice expansive beach. There are certainly worse places for a picnic. ;-)

  3. Beautiful photos. I feel like I've had the grand tour.

  4. Glad you found somewhere decent for a picnic.

  5. What a big, wide beach. The tide must have been way out! - Margy

  6. Looks like you might have had a nicer town to visit if you'd gone to Aberdovey. On the other hand you'd have had to look at Borth. There's a nice atmosphere to the shots of the wide sands, and Wales is such a beautiful country...

  7. I like the rise in land beyond the village.


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