Monday 13 December 2021

The Old Timber Yard


 Today I went for a short walk through the village to drop a parcel of for collection at a shop towards the outside of where we live. I the way I passed a new development that had been built on an old Builders yard Called Boshers. They had ceased trading a while before making a lot of guys redundant and out of a job. I realised they were going to demolish the site so I went around and took a load of photos before it all went and wrote a blog I called The Yard, I suppose it was Apt in away because I noticed the development is now called the Old Timber Yard so I though it was time to finish the story of and write a blog. Before you start I would ask you to click on the link and refresh your memory of what it used to look like.

First of all I'm going back to 2010 and this photo showing what is locally known as Hospital Corner. It's actually a nasty crossroads especially if you are pulling out of beside where I am stood. You just hope the person opposite lets you out because it is very hard to see traffic comping from my right. The road in front is called Papist Way and the one to the left Reading Road, the bit in the middle with the sign is Boshers Yard where they stored building material, by the time the photo was taken it was all gone. Needless to say it was for sale at the time and houses built on it but not by Boshers who were still operating then.

This is what is there now, I took the photo from near the telephone pole you see in the top photo

This looks towards Hospital Corner.

Couple of months later I took this photo of the yard, all the buildings had gone

The entrance in off Papist Way

 The December 2020 the houses were well on the way being built

Remember in the first photo there were some houses on the left well the second one was here, I had driven past here a day or some before and saw it was gone, I had thought it was going to be saved but no. The building was the Old Boshers house where the family lived when it first opened in the 1800's and I thing later was the main office

This is what replaced it

The old entrance to the yard

Walking further in

and this looks down towards the main house which was where the brick house is in the distance. Though I did take  more photos I did not really record the work on this development much as it was on the outside of the village. Another little piece of history gone and I doubt many people who live there realises what was there. If you walk around the village you can see Bungalow and Houses built by Boshers so in a way their memory lives on.

Take Care stay safe and please wear a mask when you go out.

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  1. I am so surprised to see how fast they built those brick homes there. That's a lot of work done in a pretty short time during a pandemic. Wow! It really is sad that the history of that old place is long gone and will probably not be remembered.

  2. They are nice looking homes but it is sad to see some of the older, historic ones gone. New Development is also happening in my area as it seems the price of land has gone up and land owners are cashing in.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing at

  4. Cookie cutter developments, as I think of them.

  5. You seem to have a lot of new housing estates in your area which I thought was quite rural. I am surprised by how close to the road those houses are in that last photo.

  6. Those houses look very similar to some built near here; could even be the same plans.

  7. That really changed the whole landscape, didn't it! The houses look nice though! Interesting to see the before and after!


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