Monday 2 December 2019

The Yard

So the other week I went for a walk around our village and passed by an old builders yard which had gone bust a few years ago, they were in the process of placing hording around the property, on side was still assessable to rather than pass off the opportunity I went in for a  few photo because no doubt this time next year it will be full of new houses.

So above the gated entrance used to be the main entrance to the yard.
You passed by these building in the left picture, they used to be the woodworking shop

the road went further into the yard

I could not say what all the buildings were used for

though this one looked like it had been converted for office use

the other buildings looked like storage
 This I have no doubt used to be the builder home when it first opened  them made into office space

The storage barns, some look like they were converted for use by small businesses 

The builders had been in business for over one hundred years 

The family buried in the local churchyard. It seems a shame all this will go in the near future. I wonder what they would think of what happened

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  1. It looks like ghost towns I've visited in Colorado a number of years ago! Thank you!

  2. Awesome
    Could be a bit haunted, tho...I'm letting my imagination run amok!

  3. It will be interesting to see what it looks like next year. Are they going to demolish those houses in these photos?

  4. That's a lot of land. I am sure you are right about a housing development appearing in the near future. All that history will be gone. Just as well you have recorded it with your photos.

  5. It will be interesting to see the diffrerence in this area after new construction comes in as right now it looks very forlorn.

  6. Interesting - abandoned buildings can be fascinating

  7. Ah, what does the future hold for this place? Looking forward to seeing what happens here.

  8. It looks so lonely but I do hope that someone finds a use for them again.

  9. Fascinating photos. I hope they can be renovated or restored. Hate to see historic buildings knocked down in favor of graceless uninteresting monstrosities.
    Thanks for sharing at


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