Monday, 15 November 2021

Garden Obelisk


 I mentioned to the New Darma Bums in a comment that I had been making garden Obelisks for climbers to grow in, they mentioned they hoped I would show one in my blog. I think I can do better and show you how they are made well at least how I made mine.


This is what I made and it is all recycled apart from the screws, even the nails were reused on this one. The bird feeder on to was one I had discarded until my wife remembered it. I found the bottom was going rotten so I took it all apart and fitted a new one, the moulding on the base was made using a router.


This is what the Obelisk is made from an old trellis fence which I had stored. The local council charges you to dispose of them because they are considered fencing which is DIY. It dost £1.5 $2 to dispose of it at the dump. If you had a fence made of them it can be quite expensive to get rid of I tended to give them away free if someone needed them


You need to break the fence up and remove the nails


The fit the parts together in the way you want, I do not use any plans or drawings for this it all comes out of my head


Once you have everything you need to assemble it together to see if they fit

I also made  a base in a similar way to give it a little extra hight

You need to give the a coat of Garden paint

Fit it back together

Then place it over the clematis you are growing. I still have to put  top on this yet and make a birdhouse to go on the top. I'll post a photo when I have made it.
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  1. That's s great use of an unwanted fence. Those obelisks are very expensive to buy.

    1. Yes so I found out, some like that costing over 200 quid

  2. I would be completely out of my depth.

  3. Hey, you've got quite a few models in your line up.

  4. Wow! That is so beautiful and very inspiring, Bill. Makes me hope Roger will make one for our yard. I love this so much!

    1. I'm sure he will be able, they would have ended up in the recycling but are easy to purpose. A similar one to that I see sold on like is the best part of $300 That one I made cost a few which were for screws & nails, I already had the paint

  5. Really cool to reuse the wood, it looks good


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