Monday 28 September 2020

Last of the Roses


Well you might have noticed I was missing last week, I took a few days break, I showed where I was in Skywatch Friday.  I feel we all need cheering up with some flowers this week, my garden is beginning to shut down for the winter but we still have a few roses cheering the place up

 Could not tell you the name of this one my wife grew from a stick she was given

 All I can tell you it smells amazing

 This one I lady Hamilton and is another one with a beautiful perfume

 Forgotten the name of this one which grows by the patio

 A beautiful white rose which I should know the name of

I do love this pink one growing by a trellis

I think this is a Nemesia Wisley Vanilla which has a beautiful sent in the evening

 Last of all a Rudbeckia which we were lucky to have as we found slugs were eating it before we sorted a way to stop them

I will leave you with this collage of some of the flowers
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Take Care Everyone



  1. Hello,

    Beautiful collection of roses.. Lovely images! Enjoy your day, have a great week!

  2. The last roses of the year always seem like the best to me for some reason. These are great.

  3. Beautiful roses, I can almost smell them :)

  4. Your garden still has lots of colour. I like that you have scented roses.

  5. Your flowers are so beautiful.

  6. Those blooms would certainly cheer a person up.

  7. What a lovely assortment of roses you have! That vanilla flower sounds interesting too.

    1. We have more that the ones I showed. The Nemesia Vanilla is well worth looking out for

  8. These are wonderful photos! The colors bring joy to our hearts!
    Greeting Elke

  9. Lovely flowers! I wish that summer would last longer.


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