Monday 25 February 2019

Walking to Bow Bridge

This week we conclude my walk to Bow Bridge along the Thames.

That ominous looking building is one of these, a Pillbox, this on is not far from the pond I showed last week
On the opposite side of the river is this one. Last time I was here you could hardly see it because of the trees here. I went and had a look at it a few years ago and it was in danger of slipping in the river, now the bank has been strengthened  so it cannot go in, might see if I can return again
These pillboxes are all along the Thames between Pangourne and go as far as Lechlaid. I have seen them all. If you want to read more then visit this link Pillboxes along the Thames It needs updating a bit which I will get around to sometime.

Going along the path a bit you come to Cholsey Marsh which I will show you another time

Walking the other way you might notice this raised area of ground, That is the spoil from the river Thames that was dredged  back in around 196, there was huge mound of it where the barges unloaded the spoil then it was bulldozed flat

This is what we call bow bridge beside it is this finger sign, you can see a footbridge in the distance

Go along a bit and you pass another pillbox. If you do look at the blog I linked you can see my Dad stood by the bridge with his in the background and and one of me where you cannot see the pillbox

Further along you may come across this going on

They are rowers from Brooks University Boathouse

If you take the footpath from the Thames you follow Cholsey Brook, it enters the Thames under the footbridge. The footpath will bring you out at Bow Bridge Bend, this was the old A3229 to Reading. The road was straightened out due to the number of accidents that happened through the bends. Many a car ended up in the woods  in the distance by the tree to the right. The bridge crosses the Brook you see here.
After this photo my Battery ran out and though I did manage to coax a few more photos I'll leave them for another blog. Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. Your photos brought back a few memories, Bill.

  2. Hello, looks like a great outing and walk. I like the view of the rowers. Enjoy your day and have a great new week!

  3. It looks like a wonderful spot for a walkabout.

  4. Quite a lovely walk!

  5. I've enjoyed following you along on your walk.

  6. There's quite a few of those same pillboxes here in NZ situated in spots where they were set up for the wars. A good reminder to still have them I think.


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