Tuesday 21 March 2017

Wittenham Clumps

I have teased you with a couple of photos from this local beauty spot in South Oxfordshire so this week I will show a few of the Views from Wittenham Clumps

A view of Castle hill you see from Round hill

And this is the top of Round Hill

Castle hill gets hits name as it was an Iron Age Hill Fort and on the left you ca see part of the defensive ditch that surrounded it

Here you can see what the ditch looks like from the bottom

The steps give an indication of how steep it is. Back in Iron Age times it would have been deeper

From The Clumps you can see various villages from around the are and above is Dorchester with its famous Abbey

The River Thames runs past the base of Wittenham Clumps and below you can see Day Lock, the lakes over to the right are the old Dorchester Gavel pits no used for recreation

Right below is Little Wittenham Manor with the church over to the right in the Trees. The Manor is owned by Sir Martin Wood

A little further afield you can see Culham and the JET Project

Last of all  Didicot Power Station and some of the remaining parts of the old power satstion, the new part is in the centre

Photosphere picture I took

Taking Part in Our World Tuesday


  1. nice countryside (except for the intruders in the last photo :-) )

  2. What a lovely tour around the countryside. I enjoyed that.

  3. Wow! That's quite a view! Beautiful there as always.

  4. Fantastic place to visit for the history and the views! THanks!

  5. Wonderful rural shots of a special place ~ great place to roam ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Peaceful week ~ ^_^


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