Saturday 4 March 2017

The Church Explorer

The Church Explorer  features  a different church each week
 This weeks church is St Nicholas Fyfield

Last year I changed the name of my old Blog from My Grave Place to the Church Explorer this may have been a mistake as the number of hits I had went down, I also miss spelt the address so it reads the churchexporer  now it is too late to change. I have decided to feature a photo from ther Church Explorer on Spuds Daily in the hope it will get more hits and mabe a few more followers.


  1. Hi Bill, I sure like this photo of St Nicholas Fyfield. Actually, I enjoy all of your pictures. You are a very good photographer. I like the story about why you are putting this church on Spud’s Daily. That spelling thing is like something that would happen to me! I do have to say the “My Grave Place” does spike my curiosity. :-) By the way, I just went over to Spuds Rural Explorations and read the Short Chapter in my Life story from February 7. What a story! I did feel sorry for you about the sun burn but you sure had an interesting trip there to Tallahassee. And even saw the real St Johns Island! A neat post indeed!

  2. wow a great old church. I locve your posts which present churches

  3. It looks very much like a church I might see on "Midsomer Murders".

  4. It's a beautiful church. It reminds me of one I know from where I grew up.

  5. It's a lovely church with graveyard next to it. Nice shot. I like name My Grave Place, but Church Explorer sounds good too. Have a wonderful week.


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