Tuesday 28 March 2017


Some photos from near the church I visited in my blog the last two weeks. Checkendon dates back since before the 7th century when records started and is mentioned in the Domesday Book


I parked up near the church and this is a small green beside it with the village sign

The village sign above one of the nicer ones in the area. I seen the like before and they remind me of  a pub one sign.
On the right one of the village cottages

An old barn now used for offices

Above looks towards the village recreation grounds while on the right the drive leading to Checkendon Court

Some of the Tudor stile housed in Checkendon


Pub which closed many years ago

The sign is a bit confusing as it says Quiet Lane on each pointer. On the right the road going through the village 

Tudor styled house

The Lych gate leads to the church  while the small path you see to the right leads to the Village primary School , you can make it out between the gate and trees.
That's it a little taste of  an Oxfordshire Village
One last thing I changed the background to the blog to show the Oxfordshire countryside Hope you approve
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  1. That was a wonderful tour around a quintessential English village. I love the Tudor homes.

  2. Love those old houses and the town sign is great!

  3. Thanks for the little tour around this pretty little village. I like that background too!

  4. Another lovely English village. I like village signs, they always have bits and pieces about the village intertwined in the scene.

  5. Interesting conversion, from a barn into an office!


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