Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Watch this space

I took the dog to the vets last Friday I noticed something going on across the nearby field. An area had been fenced off for the building of a new housing estate of 20 odd houses. I knew it was on the cards now it looks like it is final here. So watch this space because I will take a few photos periodicity of the progress

The whole are across the field, I might add the area in the forground has been archioligicly  inspected and I have no doubt will be built on in the future.

This is looking towards some houses that were built back in 1960, my best friend at the time live in one of them with his family. Don't know where he lives now

The houses you see here were built in the 1980's, in front is the safety fence for the work to be done

The odd shaped building is a care in the community house for people who were in Faremile  Mental Hospital, far as I know it is still used to house them

All the houses here were built in the 1960's and while they were being built my firends and I used to use it as a playground, not something you can do nowadays.
Taking park on Our World Tuesday


  1. More and more land is being eaten up for development. Let's hope we are left with some green areas for us to enjoy.

  2. It will be interesting to see what the new houses look like.

  3. It will be interesting to see how this field changes.

  4. It surprises me how much this developed space looks like California, especially with those hills in the background.

  5. Unfortunately a lot of land used for development is farm land. Very short sighted.


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