Monday, 21 November 2016

Headington Road Oxford

A few months ago I took my son over the Oxford Brooks University which used to know as Oxford Polytec. I might add I had the privilege of seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd there only a short time before some were killed in the air crash. While my son was in the uni I went of to visit St Clements church not far away and on my way there & back I took a few photos.

Just across the road is the old entrance to Headington Hill Hall now part of Brooks University Campus

just along from the entrance you can see this bridge which crosses Headington Hill

II think it allowed the original  owner of Headington Hill Hall private acess  to his estate

Looking back towards the campus 

Headdington Hill looking down to Oxford

and uphill towards the London Road

Above the gates leading to Headington Hill Park  and on the left is St Clements Street names after the church which is along over to my right

I think the pillar above is the Old Oxfrord City Boundary beside Suth Park. On the right I took a walk back this way through the park where you can see in the distance some of the students off some place 

Headington Hill Park

It's also quite popular with walkers and joggers like these two

Above one of the pointerd for a run and on the left a look up Headinton hill towards the bridge

Above is Headington Hill Hall  wich was built for the Morrel family who were local brewers in Oxford (It was never a favorite of mine). I'm not sure what happened to the family but it ended up being owned by Oxford City Council and is now leased by Brooks University who hav etaken over a large part of the area. On the right is a sculpture on the campus

The campus and students hanging around

Headington Road
And the new university camupus sign. The building is under going some renivation at the moment and will open agan in the not too distant future though none of it is how I remember the place. Hope you liked the little walk round.
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  1. Gostei bastante desta reportagem fotográfica.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  2. I enjoyed this little tour around town! Thanks.

  3. Hi Bill, I enjoy your pictures taken when you are out and around. The more I look at your blog the more I like about it! :-) Today I am noticing your header and the greeting written in there. Very nice! This is something that is missing on many blogs ... at the very first visit there is little to tell a person what to expect over time. For example, I like the way you mention that some of your pics will be out of your archive. That's another thing I like ... pics out of the archive. We need to visit our archives from time to time or why do we save pictures at all? Thanks for posting and sharing.

  4. This is a part of Oxford I have not visited so thanks for the walk. I liked the ornate bridge.


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