Monday 22 August 2016

A Walk Round Cranbury Road

Cranbury road is one of the roads full of terrace housing along the Oxford Road in Reading which was built back in Victorian times. I happened to be there one evening with my wife and while she was in the church hall I went for a walk around the area.

Cranbury Road sign on the wall of one of the houses

This one which has a corner shop and still got the ghost writing on the wall

Looking down Cranbury Road from by the shop 

And looking back the other way past Battle School. I had a school friend live along Cranbury Road but cannot remember passing the school

Battle school takes up a large part of the street

 It's a huge primary school which takes in two streets baking onto Kensington Road

and much of the exterior is still Victorian

I think on the right was the school masters house

The school playground where the kids play in brake time or have PE in

I think the tower may well have been the water tower for the school

Along Kensington Road is this church where no doubt the children's religious needs were taken care of


Heading round Prince of Wales Avenue past the north side of the church

and back up Cranbury Road passing the other end of the church

I'll leave you with this view down Cranbury Road to the Oxford Road end
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  1. Another area of Reading I know well, Bill. Our daughter lived in Prince of Wales Avenue when she had a young family and our second grandson went to Battle School Nursery School for a time. I did teacher training and supply teaching there. I was very pleased to see the streets around about and also the church. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the local library had some old photos showing that the road has changed very little over the years.

  3. A lovely area. The church, especially.

  4. I love the school. All the schools around here were built in the 1950s, and are painted (for reasons I fully understand but still regret) the most boring color of tan. I wonder how much they've been able to modernize the interior for a 21st Century education?

  5. I love this kind of area & it looks so similar to streets in Belfast! The school buildings are wonderful! Thanks Bill!

  6. What a great tour around this part of town!

  7. Thanks for the tour!

    These images actually remind me of east Belfast. Thanks for waking up some happy memories.

  8. So much history, and still standing. That's wonderful. And I love the shots you chose to take. I can't pick out a favourite although looking-down-Cranbury-Road really caught my eye, but I don't know why, exactly.


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