Monday 22 February 2016

A couple of Blue Plaques

The photos were taken the end of 2013 while I had a few moments in Marston after going round the church

This house is on the corner of Mill Lane and the first thing I noticed was the Plue Plaque

I thought Marston was a smll village that played a big part in our history.  Charles I had escaped and left the Royalists to their own devices which in effect meant surrendering.

After that I headed down mill lane to the church

 Where I might add I noticed this in the porch to Howard Walter Florey. I know now who the unit was named after at the Royal Berks Hospital in Reading

Out the back of the church on the corner of Pond lane is thih house which I have no doubt used to be a pub in the village

Coming out of Church Lane you see Elsfield Road 
 and on the junction is this wonderful ofl school house now the village hall

I passed St Nicholas Church and the war memorial

and along Oxford Road 
 passing this house

and another Blue Plaque, this one to Norman Heatley 

He lived in this row of houses like any one else. Marston it seems has its place in history to be remembered.

 Had to leave and head off after seein the plaques and passed this friendly little cat.

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  1. I never tire of those beautiful stone buildings.

  2. Wonderful. I love the little bits of history that pop up everywhere you go.

  3. It looks like you and the cat were the only ones about!

  4. The cat's a sweetie.

    The village hall appeals to me, and that one house and former pub looks like it's just waiting for a car to collide with it.


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