Tuesday 12 January 2016

More Rain

No doubt you have sen the flooding round the country it causes chaos with travel and makes peoples lives a misery. This year we have been lucky round where I live but we did have lots of water.

 A few days ago we had some serious rain which flooded the road near where I live. This happens on a regular basis and makes getting along the pavement a hazard.

 This little lot makes you think if you really want to drive through it

 but I have to to drive through it to work and did this morning, mind you I do have a 4x4 . BTW it gets deeper than that.

 Lunchtime I went out to get some photos and on the way back took a photo of a puddle that had gone down, when I drove past in the morning it was covering half the road

 Getting nearer work there was a huge puddle covering this area, people had to drive through here to get to their houses or right to get to the carparks at work, there is also a school nearby

This little lot is the run off from the roof and road around Diamond Light Source when overflows

it runs to this pond, normally they don't have very much water in them. A lot of water but if you want to See what it can do check this blog  but you can also read the blog I wrote on the British weather a few years ago which show how extreme it can be round were I live.


  1. Looks a lot the same here in Holland.

  2. Be careful out there ... That tunnel looks scary.

  3. That looks really bad. Here we have a lot of rain as well and it is much too mild for this time of the year.

  4. Oh! One has to be careful.
    It happens here too.

  5. That's a lot of rain and puddling there. We had some roads look like that here in northern CA in December. Hope you get some sunshine there soon.

  6. That really is a lot of rain to deal with!


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