Tuesday 27 October 2015

A couple of White Horse Legends

In last weeks OWT I showed some photo's of White Horse Hill As with many other places it has it's local legends or myths and as you would expect this place has many but today I will tell to two associated with the hill

The local legend is if you stand in the eye of the horse with your partner and rotate three times you will be blessed with a child. Got to love that one and no doubt it went on a lot in the superstitious past  and I am sure it still happens today

 The small hill you see here beyond the eye is called Dragon Hill named because local legend has it that St George Killed the dragon here. The white spot is where it was the Dragon was slain and where the blood fell no grass grew, if you look you can see some lines running from the spot, this is where the blood flowed down the hill. I love hearing these story's. I had heard of the Dragon Hill one but the eye one was new to me.

Not far away is a place called Blowing Stone Hill and this is the bottom where the Inn used to be

And in the garden of the last house is this stone, well it used to be in the garden it's now outside, I might add there used to be a huge tree beside it as well but that has gone now

This is the blowing stone and would you believe it  there is a legend surrounding it as well
See that hole well if you blow in it you get a sound. Legend has it that King Alfred the Great blew in it and called the Saxons to war against the Danes. Mind you it also used to be up on top of the hill but the local blacksmith brought it down and kept it outside the forge .  BTW you can get a sound from the stone if you do it right .
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  1. Wonderful, Bill. I love these stories - and you've done well to get those hilltop pictures. My grandmother said the one about the eye of the horse didn't work for her - she was 83, though.

  2. Always interesting to hear about old myths.


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